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Join us for an open tour this Saturday!

Immersive guided tour Exploring the past and future of the train station and tracks surrounding Gleisdreieck with Augmented Reality.

Lost Track of Time


‘Lost Track of Time’ is a guided walk that explores the past and future of Gleisdreieck and its surrounding train stations and tracks.

In collaboration with Berlin-based startup Zaubar, the tour uses Augmented Reality to bring archival material to life, illustrating how each phase of history shaped the area.

The walk focuses on a number of relics scattered throughout the park, revealing Gleisdreieck as an emblematic symbol of Berlin's transformations over the past 150 years. The tour’s path follows the story of the city’s rapid growth and industrialization, war and destruction, division and stagnation, up to the present-day attempts to reclaim the area as a green space in opposition to future investors' plans.

A time-travel through Berlin's history
from 1841 to 2041

Photos by: Mateo Walschburger, Pata Popov, Yael peri

Video by Mateo Walschburger

Archival images: Eisenbahn Archiv, Technikmuseum, Imago, Ortner & Ortner

About me

My name is Yael Peri and I’m a multidisciplinary creator, architecture researcher and tour guide based in Berlin. I established Narrating.Space as a creative frame-work which would bind my various projects together.

My work in all fields focuses on research-based projects in collaboration with public institutions, archives and communities. I hold a master’s degree from the Bauhaus University, graduating from the international program of "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies".

I am also a member of the Centre for Documentary Architecture.

My works have been exhibited at many different festivals and public events in Israel and Germany.

Project Team: Constanza Carvajal, Eva Hasel, Maria Paula Maldonado, Pata Popov

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