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  • How much does it cost?
    Prices for groups of up to 10 participants: 2.5 hours tour = €249 4 hours tour = €349 * Each additional person beyond that would cost €35. *For further options please contact me for price quotes.
  • Can children and youth take part?
    Yes, absolutely! The tours could be easily adjusted to fit also children and teenagers. I engage visual and technological tools that makes history very stimulating! * Please mention the age of participants in your contact form.
  • How big are the groups?
    The size of groups is between 1-10 participants. I believe in personal approach in order to enable a dialog. Limited to a maximum of 15, additional participants could join with a small additional fee.
  • Is it possible to have a special tour focusing on topics that don't appear in the collection on the site?
    Sure! I appreciate curiosity and happy to expand the routes and topics. Let me know what your specific interests are and we'll figure it out together.
  • Where is the meeting point of the tours?
    Each route has its own starting point in Berlin. It will be given to participants once scheduling a tour or after securing their spot.
  • Do you offer tours with bike or motor scooters?
    Absolutely not.
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