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My name is Yael Peri and I’m a multidisciplinary creator, architecture researcher and tour guide based in Berlin. I established Narrating.Space as a creative frame-work which would bind my various projects together.

My work in all fields focuses on research-based projects in collaboration with public institutions, archives and communities.

I hold a master’s degree from the Bauhaus University, graduating from the international program of "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies', and a Bachelor in interior design. I am also a member of the Centre for Documentary Architecture.

My works have been exhibited at many different festivals and public events and I'm very excited to share my knowledge with you in the form of guided tours.

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We take cityscapes for granted. However, Places are created by people who are shaping them according to the zeitgeist, to their beliefs and cultural values. I want to share with you all of these components, in order understand the richness of the city and connect with it.


By getting to know the fascinating stories behind the facades, you can develop a deeper understanding of its authenticity. Whether you're a local or a visitor, my tours, engaging exciting visuals and AR technology, is a great way to connect with the city on a deeper level. So join me and start exploring!

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Explore the city with me!

Tourists, local Berliners, students and families - the tours and events are exciting and would inspire anyone who is curious about Berlin's history and culture.


Cara M.

We had a great walking tour of Berlin. Yaël gave a great historical perspective of Berlin as well as perspectives from today. She showed us pictures of the past that helped us understand how things had changed. She interacted with my son (13) whereas in other tours he had been mainly ignored.
He had studied aspects of German history and Yaël provided more information, background and context and was happy to listen. We both came away with a lot of information and a love for Berlin. Thank you so much!
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