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Can new technology help us better connect with the city?

The metaverse and social media platforms are increasingly present in our lives, yet they are often perceived as detached from physical reality. 

Can they actually strengthen our connection to the immediate surroundings by exposing the past and future of a place? Let's talk about.



‘Lost Track of Time’ is a guided walk that explores the past and future of Park am Gleisdreieck and its  surrounding train stations and tracks.

In collaboration with Berlin-based startup Zaubar, the tour uses Augmented Reality to bring archival material to life, illustrating how each phase of history shaped the area.

Lost Track of Time not only unveils the site’s past, but it also offers a glimpse into the future of its development. The tour aims to inspire locals to become active participants in Berlin’s urban development and shape the city’s future.

IV 85-709 V - 1919_edited.jpg

Friday 24.02 | 19:00

Assembly room of Möckernkiez e.V
Möca Cafe - Möckernkiez 2, 10963 Berlin
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