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Immersive guided tours in Berlin


Urban Walks.

A collection of guided walks exposing the stories inscribed in Berlin's most interesting sites.

Have your own unique interest, wishes or ideas?

John R.

"Yael was excellent. She knows the city backwards and forwards. She was prompt and delightful. Her knowledge of events and history were remarkable. Excellent all around."

Ellen E.

The tour was such a great way to kick off our trip! Yael has a wealth of knowledge and is great at presenting all the facts... Lots of interesting facts and new ways to think about, and see Berlin.

We highly recommend booking a tour with Yael!

Terry C.

"Wonderful tour with a charming guide. She has an amazing grasp of the art, architecture and history of Berlin. I recommend her to anyone that wants to see history based on a context of art and culture."


My work in all fields focuses on research-based projects in collaboration with public institutions, archives and communities. I hold a master’s degree from the Bauhaus University, graduating from the international program of "Public Art and New Artistic Strategies', and a Bachelor in interior design. I am also a member of the Centre for Documentary Architecture.

 My works have been exhibited at many different festivals and public events and I'm very excited to share my knowledge with you in the form of guided tours.


Berlin culture and history tours

See Berlin with new eyes!



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