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2.5 World Wars
in 2.5 Hours

2 World Wars and a cold one . The unimaginable upheavals of Berlin during the 20th century.


Berlin during the 20th century is a series of dramatic events: from a monarchy to a republic, from democracy to a murderous dictatorship, from devastating destruction growing into two cities divided by a wall and from a manifestation of the cold war to a symbol of unification.


This is a unique opportunity to see how this great city was shaped by some of the most momentous events in history.

We'll start with a look at Berlin during World War I, when it was the capital of the German Empire. Next, we'll move on to the 3rd Reich and World War II, when Berlin was once again at the centre of world events.  Following that, we'll explore Berlin during the Cold War, when it was divided into two cities, manifesting the ideologies of two oppositional regimes.


2.5 hours


By foot


English, Hebrew, German

Suggested Itinerary

Adjusted to your desired pace and time availability.

Could include less or more sites accordingly.

The Reichstag


Brandenburg Gate

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Hitler's Bunker

Former Reich Chancellery

Georg Elser memorial

Memorial to the 17 June 1953 Uprising

Berlin Wall

Checkpoint Charlie

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