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Jewish commemoration

Discover the void in a neighborhood that was once a thriving center of Jewish life in Berlin.


Embark on a captivating guided tour through Berlin's Scheunenviertel district, where you will experience the vibrant tapestry of Jewish history and culture while acknowledging the profound loss that followed the Holocaust.
Along the route, you'll encounter Stumble Stones, silent witnesses to the lives tragically lost. We will also pass by former Jewish institutions, evoking a vanished past. 

Throughout the tour, we'll explore the works of influential writers such as Mascha Kaleko, Kurt Tucholsky, and Joseph Roth. Leo Baeck's house serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the resilience of Jewish culture and history.

Finally, our journey will conclude at the New Synagogue, where we'll contemplate the contemporary state of Jewish life in Germany. Can it prosper again?


3 hours including a break


By foot


English, Hebrew, German

Suggested Itinerary

Adjusted to your desired pace and time availability.

The number of sites visited may change accordingly.

Old Synagogue

Rosenstrasse Memorial

Almstadtstraße / Grenadierstraße

Otto Weidt workshop for the Blind

Stumbling Stones

The former Jewish Cemetery with Moses Mendelssohn's tomb.

The Missing House

The former Jewish Girl School and Jewish Hospital

Tucholsky street

Leo Baeck House

The New Synagogue

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